CNK Electrical…NEW business, NEW logo, NEW livery!

CNK Electrical…NEW business, NEW logo, NEW livery!

CNK Electrical first visited us in early December with a plain logo, no brand concept, and no vehicle design. They offered ideas and knew that they wanted their brand represented with a unique and eye catching creation. So, after a short consultation with one of our sales managers and designers, they decided to have a new logo created by our in house design team; in addition to a 50% wrap on their vehicle – fully digitally printed and incorporating a circuit board in the background – and a cut graphic featuring overlaying information.

Two vans were required to be designed and installed. These were, a small Ford Connect, and a Peugeot Expert, both done in the same design. Their mission was to turn heads and match the companies vision; we did just that. 

They were ecstatic with the the design on both vehicles and they’re already seeing the impact with many of their clients asking for further details. This is a great example of a company wanting to invest in marketing, using their fleet as a starting place. Parking these vehicles up provides the vital service of informing customers, which has never been more important than it is in the current economical climate.

CNK are a great company that can offer fire protection, CCTV, Data, Fibre, and electrical installation. Make sure to give them a wave from us when you see them driving around in their newly branded vans!

Follow in their footsteps and get the most of your vehicle advertisements by contacting us on: 01912286973