Graphic Designers Newcastle 


Graphic Designers Newcastle 

Graphic Designers Newcastle Upon Tyne

Graphic Designers Newcastle, WSG Print is one of the leading graphic design and print experts based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Did you know we not only deal with print requirements but our team of graphic designers have the experience to work with multiple file types confidently setting up artwork and converting files ready to RIP on our large format print software? In addition, we work with vector files, raster images, pixels, opacity, gradients, CMYK, Pantone, hex, RGB, kerning, script, typography, rule of thirds, and much much more. 

Graphic Designers  Newcastle Logos & Files

Don’t have logos or files? No hassle, we can help with this also! 

When it comes to looking for a graphic designer or brand coach the majority of designers don’t understand the process between design and the finished project. All of our designers here can custom create your logo, design business cards, print leaflets and flyers. Furthermore, we can create designs for outdoor banners even down to designing social media banners and images to portray your business and promote your brand the best way it can be.  Our staff are trained in various disciplines including Graphic Design / Marketing and business and Brand Awareness meaning you are getting the best when it comes to creating your brand, look and feel from start to finish.

We see a majority of business that sent us a logo which is not suitable. This is either because they have made it themselves and the resolution is not high enough or their designers have only given them a basic option and the logo is not a vector file. Which means various types of machines to produce your brand cannot pick up the files you have been given.

Here at WSG Print, we have the knowledge which a lot of designers don’t about the production and installation so we understand the whole project from start to finish.  For example: When we get sent files for Vehicle Livery, as we have a team of experts 90% of the time we ask clients if they can make changes to the design. The reason being that the design does not sit well within the lines of the vehicle or the shape of the bodywork. They do not know what type of material can be used/ can’t be used so, therefore, makes their design redundant and we have to make alterations to fit. Our Graphic Designers have over 10 years experience within the printing industry so we know it all!

Types of Graphic Design we offer in Newcastle and throughout the North East

We offer affordable solutions no matter if you are a start-up business or a multinational company.

  • Logo Design
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Business card design
  • Social media design
  • Menu lists
  • Price lists
  • Printing Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Stickers and Labels
  • Signage
  • Vehicle Livery

Latest Case Study: Farnely Towers Durham

We were contacted by the owners of a lavish, luxury boutique hotel situated in the heart of Durham City Centre. We were asked to come up with ideas for the hotel and the main restaurant offering a fine dining Indian cuisine theme.

After a thorough consultation, we quickly learned the client vision and assisted in producing logos, leaflets, literature, pull-up banners, signage, flags, vehicle livery and window graphics. After weeks of consultation, the production process began and everything was ready to install once signed off by the clients. The clients did not have any form of logo saved in an electronic format as the last time this was done was some 15yrs ago and it was hand-drawn. Therefore we had to reproduce the original logos from photographs in Adobe Illustrator. Once done, the logos were vector saved for the client as a PDF format to be used on future projects. They have been ongoing clients and since the first installation, they have placed various orders including Advert designs for local magazines and editing drawings for their menus.

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