Mesh PVC Banners – The Holey Grail Of Outdoor Banners

Mesh PVC Banners – The Holey Grail Of Outdoor Banners

People who are not indulged in the world of signage and banners may be less inclined to look at product qualities and the different materials that are on offer to the end user. Usually the type of materials and qualities of a product come down to one thing, cost. But what if spending just that little bit more could make a huge difference and even become more efficient in the long run.

Looking to get that message out in a big way?

When it comes to banner signage there are several different types of materials that can be used from 13/15oz vinyl banner material to fabric and canvas banners. But in terms of pure durability, and flexibility of uses, mesh material can be a very useful product to use. They can come in various sizes so no matter how big your project is we can help you and your banner problems!

Mesh banner is essentially vinyl banner material with 1000s of tiny holes that allow air to pass through the material, making it highly wind resistant and great for outdoor advertising and can even withstand rough (typically British) conditions. Although mesh banners are slightly transparent and can be less vibrant than cheaper alternatives at a closer distance, the digital print comes out great and it will last much longer due to its durability.

Uses for Mesh banner:

  • Construction and outdoor banners
  • Fencing Mesh banner
  • Scaffolding banners
  • Shutter Doors banners

We aim to provide you with the best quality and price for digitally printed banners in the North East with our in-house printing capabilities. All North East customers have access to great prices without having to pay large delivery costs.

All of our banners we produce at WSG come in a Matte Finish with a low lustre, this means that the banner doesn’t reflect sunlight like a gloss finish would, making it difficult to see in sunny conditions.

At WSG Print we have the expertise and knowledge to get your brand noticed with our printing quality.