MRS Training and Rescue: Printed Cut Graphics, and Chapter 8 Chevrons

MRS Training and Rescue: Printed Cut Graphics, and Chapter 8 Chevrons

A few weeks ago MRS Training and Rescue came to us for printed cut graphics, and a design they had already planned out. Transferring that design was simple, and the folks over at MRS couldn’t be happier with the result. Now we have a new, regular client, and they have some great looking vans.

Part of the job required the team here at WSG Print to apply Chapter 8 chevrons – the reflective plates seen on emergency service vehicles – to the back end of their vans. So, in compliance with chapter 8 of the Department of Transport’s Traffic Signs Manual, or just Chapter 8 for short, the team got to work.

Chevrons come in a variety of different styles and applications, from standard, to flooded, to flooded applied. Our team specifically used C8 Nikkalite Crystal Grade Red & HI-SCAL Fluo Yellow with a flooded application. Meaning that the yellow layer of the chevron came in one big sheet, and the red had to be applied on top like a jigsaw puzzle.

As an emergency service vehicle, MRS had to have their vans as visible as possible on the road; both during down time, and times of emergency. So, we applied a chevron that was suitable for both below, and above 40mph. The technical side of it all boils down to, the pattern presented reflects differently than, say, the diamond or triangle shapes of other kits.

If you would like any sort of chevrons, vehicle graphics, or some signage work done, don’t hesitate to get in touch on: 01912286973, or email