Promotional Signage The Perfect Solution For Covid-19 Measures

Promotional Signage The Perfect Solution For Covid-19 Measures

With the UK now in a stage of relaxing the Covid-19 lockdown measures, many small shops, businesses, restaurants and other service providers are opening their doors once again. But with the covid-19 situation still looming it is the responsibility of businesses to provide a safe environment for both staff and customers, with many resorting to short term promotional safety signage to introduce the precautions taken to keep everyone safe.

Recently WSG Print received an enquiry from a franchise of Dominos Pizza takeaways from across the country wanting to show their safety measures that included only having one customer in the store at any one time, and only allowing pre paid online orders.

The Solution, create short-term promotional boards with printed vinyl skinned Correx that are easy to fold, distribute and assemble. Allowing the message to be delivered at a cost effective price.

The types of promotional signage to suite your business:

  1. ‘A’ Frame signage – A frame signage is suitable for locating outside the shop front on pathways and roadsides and can offer a two-way view of the information or offers you are promoting. These boards come either with snapshot plastics with the ability to change the artwork or with skinned vinyl coverings.
  2. Floor Graphics – Simple floor graphics can be a cost affective solution to enforcing the 1-2 meter rule within shop cues outside and make sure social distancing measures are being followed inside shops also.
  3. Poster Printing for snap shot frames – Poster printing is an easy way to keep up to date with consistently changing measures that the government are gradually bringing in to fight the spread of Covid-19. Once the snap shot frame is installed it is just a case of keeping the prints up to date. Which can keep costs down and allow for faster reactions to new measures.

At WSG we recommend a mix of different promotional products that will fully support and distribute the information regarding covid-19 to your staff and customers. Many businesses are opting for a variety of floor graphics, ‘A’ frame signs, posters and window graphics to creating the safest environment possible.

If you wish to get more of an understanding about Covid-19 signage, or are a business wanting to purchase signage then contact WGS print for expert advice and a free hassle free quote on 0191 228 6973 or email