Pull Up/Roller Banners – 5 Things To Consider

Pull Up/Roller Banners – 5 Things To Consider

Having a roller banner can be useful for many things, they can be a flexible form of advertising and easy to relocate and take with you when needed. Roller banners are great for tradeshows and network events where there isn’t enough space to have a full event stand or you are going to a network event and need something light and easy to transport and set up.

So here’s 5 things to consider when buying and utilising a roller banner

Turn Heads

To get the most out of your roller banner it is important to get people to look at it (obviously). So the use of bright attractive colours and fonts with eye catching images and designs are important when considering the design of your banners.

Placement is key

The top of your banner is the place that usually gets noticed first by passers by. So it is important that you use this space efficiently and draw people in with a message or summary of what you do and can offer? Including your logo and business name is also a key element to consider at the top of your banner as people needing to identify you will see that first!

Less is more

When it comes to roller banners your aim is to give an overview of what products and services your business offers in order to draw people to come and speak to you, visit your website or remember your brand. So when it comes to text it is vital you keep this short and sweet, using short snappy bullet points is a great way to promote what you do without the need for lots of reading.

Bring out your brand

It is highly important that your logo, name and brand identity is prominent in the design of your banner so people can identify you and hopefully will increase your brand awareness. As previously explained this is best achieved by placing your logo, name and brand colours on the top of the banner as this is seen most.

Your size matters

Roller banners generally come at 2 meters in height but can come in either 80 or 90 cm in width. The one you go with depends on multiple factors including location of the banner, design and usage. Remember bigger isn’t always as better as smaller office spaces and conference rooms will benefit from the smaller banner.

At WSG Print we offer both 80 and 90cm wide pull up banners from as little as £65 to get you started at conferences and trade shows. WSG also offer a design service across all ranges of signage, banners and vehicle graphics.

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