Solid Colour and Digital Printed Stickers and Decals

Solid Colour and Digital Printed Stickers and Decals

What you need to know…

When it comes to stickers and decals, there are two ways in which these can be produced. The first is by using inkjet printers to digitally print a design onto vinyl. The second is using computer software to cut shapes and designs onto solid coloured vinyl.

Digitally Printed stickers and decals are used when there are more that one colour or gradient in a design, when brand colours (or specific colours) are required or to create a more photographic design.

The WSG Logo sticker above is an example of a Digitally printed sticker, with multiple brand colours printed on a single sheet of vinyl and cut into shape. The only downside to digitally printed vinyl is if it hasn’t been treated with a laminate it will fade over time and is not as suitable for outdoor use as single colour cut vinyl decals.

Solid colour cut stickers are decals are made up of single colour vinyl, this means there is no printing involved but the sticker is cut into a single sheet of vinyl using a specialised cutter ran by computer software, once this is cut then the stickers are weeded, this is the process of removing any excess vinyl that is not part of the design. As there is no ink involved these are more likely to withstand the weathering of digitally printed stickers. At WSG we stock over 900+ colours of vinyl with different finishes included chrome, matt, satin and gloss.

At WSG we offer both digitally printed and vinyl cut stickers and decal at competitive prices and the highest quality. Whether you are wanting small stickers that can be given out to individual customers, cut decals for your vehicles or wall stickers/decals to brighten up your workspace then please get in touch on 0191 228 6973 or