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Van Signage Sunderland

Van Signage in Sunderland

Many people may question the importance of having signage on a vehicle, why adding a design makes such a big difference. But with the benefits of “on the go” advertising, 24 hours, 7 days week, the growth of your business or company name can be increasing rapidly.

Van signage is seen by thousands of people

Transport is a part of everyones life, whether it be going to work, education or leisure, the average person can travel up to 4 times in a working day. If your vehicle is driving in this crowd of hundreds of thousands, the signage is therefore seen by every single one also on the roads. There is little other ways to reach the vast majority of people in a small time frame as vehicle signage does, exposing them to your business and reaching out in a way like no other, not having a signage vehicle misses out on the ends opportunities that could be provided. Even when stationary. A parked vehicle in a carpark or an exposed driveway can get your business out to its full potential!

What other benefits does van signage bring to my business?

Alongside the vast exposure van signage brings, it also provides potential customers an insight to what your business is like, almost like a first impression. A well designed van signage allows customers to infer that you take care with things, and therefore care is taken with the work you produce, allowing you to seem subconsciously trustworthy before even meeting. Van signage also allows you to build a brand through consistency of details such as colours, fonts and images, making your business more identifiable to customers who may be returning, or easy to spot trough any recommendations people may have provided based on your branding. Another fact, that may be surprising is that having vehicle signage reduces theft of the vehicle, thieves often avoid identifiable vehicles such as this due to their recognisability.

What should I take into account when getting vehicle signage?

Your signage on your vehicle should provide an insight into your company through branding, colours and whatever you feel brings your personal touch to your company. This should be then developed into a design. A good design usually includes large slogans that can be seen from at least 7-16 metres away, this ensures that moving traffic can see your advertising safely and comfortably on the roads.
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