Wall Murals – North East

Wall Murals – North East

Wall murals are the perfect way to spice up your space, allowing you to transform an otherwise blank surface into something special and unique. So, if you’re feeling uninspired by your home or possibly even your office or commercial space, wall murals could be the perfect solution to dress up those drab spaces.

Whether it’s your home, your office, or your commercial space, the way you choose to decorate and design these interiors should be done with character, saying something about who you are and what you’re about. We’ve all walked into a cafe or a shop and felt the impact of a stunning feature wall, or stepped into the living space of a friend and been awestruck by a mesmerising and carefully considered design element. We know, therefore, that the way we design our spaces is essential, and seeing as though any and every room is made up of at least four walls, these blank surfaces are an excellent place to start when it comes to designing a space that communicates a sense of personal flare. By opting for a motif that communicates exactly what it is that you’re all about, you’ll be designing a space that is memorable.

Wall murals offer a design choice with a huge deal of scope and flexibility, offering a far more unique solution to a blank wall than say, an overtired wallpaper or a simple lick of paint might. With a wide variety of looks, styles and motifs ranging from fantasy to rustic and minimalistic to pop culture, the possibilities with WSG Print are limitless when it comes to flexing your flare with a wall mural. Whatever your desire, stylish wall art in the form of an expertly crafted and produced mural is an excellent way to really bring your personality to the forefront. With thousands of options to choose from, there’s no better way to personalise your space than this.

Our bespoke, top of the line enhancements allow you to turn bland and uninspired surfaces into stellar, unforgettable design statements. Great for both children and adults alike, the impact a wall mural can have on a room in its entirely is undeniable, allowing you to achieve the vibrant focal point you’re looking for.

So, what exactly do we have to consider when we’re designing a mural?


When considering a mural, it is equally as important to consider just what exactly will be best for the space you’re working with, so that you’re able to work with rather than against the elements of your space, such as size, availability of natural light or even ceiling height. Details such as design scheme, colour palettes, and textures play a vital part of this plan, and can be used toward your advantage. Full wall murals spanning from corner to corner, for example, work best in a large space which is themed towards a specific goal, whereas smaller spaces will do well with simpler and less all-encompassing designs. On the business side of things, wall murals are ideal for covering up drab and boring spaces that could do with a splash of colour. Areas such as receptions and lobby spaces, or even break rooms, are great places to let creativity run free and introduce a sense of playfulness and character to working environments.

Picking a wall mural print over the traditional option of wallpaper is a matter of personal preference. However, the mural has benefits that a simple wallpaper cannot compete with. The eye-catching, textured, and patterned wall mural will stand out from the crowd head and shoulders over its closely related equivalent. They serve as accented walls, catching the eye, keeping it glued to the room and cementing the space in memory.

As a design feature, wall murals are the perfect choice for a visually provocative space, creatively making use of colours, shapes and textures. Our printed motifs will stand out in a bold and powerful design. Or, if you prefer, the mural can be designed in a manner which is subdued, classy, and subtle. The difference is all in personal preference, and when considering a wall mural, the choice is limitless.

Design your space in a way that says something unique and unforgettable. By taking to your blank wall with a mural that represents you (and possibly your business), you’ll be utilising motifs, textures, designs, and colours as an open playground, that you can explore with us. So why not get in touch today and we can start the ball rolling, helping you to realise the full creative potential of your home or business space.