Why Choose Neon Signage

Why Choose Neon Signage

Neon signs are unforgettable and have had an inspiring effect on people for decades. Despite having first appeared on the market in the 1950s and 1960s, neon lighting is still just as popular as ever. As one of the most unique marketing solutions for your business, neon lighting comes with multiple benefits, all to successfully attract potential customers and make your business look inviting and interesting.

Picture this. When you are walking through the street at night what grabs your attention? What is drawing you to walk towards a business and through their doors? A study directed by Ketchum Global Research in 2012 found that 68% of the participants would simply buy a product or service just because of the neon sign! So, that neon sign advertising your business really can make a difference. Not only will this attract potential customers, but will also:

  • Make a great first impression
  • Promote your brand
  • Stand out to any competitors
  • Generate good profits over time

We will delve deeper into these positives, so keep on reading if you are curious as to how neon signage can work to your advantage.

LED Neon Signage

Traditionally, neon signs are made up of glass and neon gas. They emit light due to a chemical reaction that occurs when an electrical current is fed through the glass tubes.

As technology has evolved, we can now produce LED neon signs, which use LED lights instead of neon gas. As well as LED neon signs being more flexible in regards to lighting changes, one of the main benefits of having an LED neon sign is that they require almost no maintenance – meaning they won’t have to go in for expensive maintenance repairs!


First of all, you have to keep in mind that quality matters. Your sign should be neat, bright and in good condition, always. So, if you are looking for neon signage or even neon logos in the northeast, then have a look at our illuminated LED, logos and neon signs we can offer. Our ranges include:

  • Lighting boxes
  • Illuminated lighting inside or out
  • LED lighting
  • Backlit lighting solutions
  • Edge and Face Lit Lighting
  • Neon

With a range of options, WSG Print is there to help promote your business both day and night.


As we well know, neon signs are there to catch the eye of any potential customers passing by. However, this is not the only benefit as we take a closer look below.

1. Energy Efficient

Given how neon is the fifth most abundant chemical, after hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon, it should come as no surprise that neon is affordable and uses 50 to 60 percent less electricity than most modern signs. Furthermore, neon signage does not utilise filament, so is cool to the touch and can outlast light bulbs. So not only do you get a stand-out sign, but you also save on the lightbulb replacements.

2. Durable

Compared to the average light bulb which lasts around 6-12 months, a neon light (if routine maintenance is carried out), will usually last up to 12 years. There is no doubt that the value of a neon sign is incredible when durability is a factor.

3. Versatile

One of the most popular benefits of neon lighting is the infinite potential for customisation, and the idea that you can still operate as a business at night. Neon can come in hundreds of colours, and the design of the glass tubing can be limitless. Whether you want to advertise you have a 24-hour business or you are announcing your arrival, it can be achieved. All in all, this makes your business one of a kind and stands out from all your competitors.

4. Looks Stunning

As we well know, neon lighting can look stunning! If you have a fairly mundane space, adding a glowing and illuminating sign can make your business more recognisable. You can even create a neon sign or logo to match the interior of your business. Therefore, it will still match your own brand and identity. It may be one of the best marketing options you can invest in

5. Visible

Neon lighting makes a statement and instantly grabs your attention. Many businesses nowadays want to increase their brand visibility and recognition. Neon can do this. With the luminous colours, installing a neon sign will instantly boost your presence within a crowded street and enhance your visibility. A glowing sign can do wonders for you. Also, did you know that neon can cut through the fog! So even on those foggy days, you are guaranteed to stand out.

Overall, a neon sign for your business has many positives and is hugely successful to attract many potential customers. Get in contact if you would like to find out more about our illuminated signs and solutions for you.