Chalkboards – Blackboards Sign Writing Newcastle


Chalkboards – Blackboards Sign Writing Newcastle

Chalkboards – Blackboards Signwriting In Newcastle

Chalkboards signs whether it be a bar menu, cake shop counter or just some blackboards wall signs. Here at WSG Print, we have a cost-effective way of solution for you. 

Gone are the days where you would hire a sign writer who would come and paint your wall then spend hour’s handwriting with chalk or pens or paint letter by letter! With our modern technology and full wide format digital printing solutions. Now we are able to supply you with a low-cost effective chalkboard sign. 

Simple Chalk Vinyl Blackboards or Chalkboards 

The simple chalk vinyl blackboards or chalkboards vinyl is a versatile material that can be applied to any surface. No matter what sizes you have whether it be an A4 size or a 20meter wall. Our team simply install it to your chose surface and let you guys do the rest. Therefore there is no need for messy black paint for the walls and no disruption for your customers!

So what are the benefits of the Chalk – Blackboards Vinyl

Firstly you can change the graphics anytime with your own writing or promotions. Furthermore, if you want to change the look again or have finished using it,  just simply peel it off!

Printed Chalkboard Sign Writer

Printed chalkboard sign writer, this is where the magic happens!  We have various different types of chalk effect fonts so that means you can be more versatile with your message, logos, drawings and much more. With a black background or greyed background, we can design you a visual of what your menu or message will look like. Once we receive all your sizes then we can design, print and install on most surfaces!

Benefits of this type of chalkboards effect print means: 

  • There is no downtime. We can install a print in as little as 5 minutes instead of hours for handwriting out a menu! It’s more cost effective than paying someone to stand and handwrite your new sign. 
  • You can change it as many times as you like. We will make a note of your sizes so you can just place your order with us and have it printed the next day.
  • It’s a clean application so no messy tools or workers taking up valuable time
  • We can print you off and post you your chalkboard effect print- you don’t need us to install it if you don’t want us to!
  • Various different chalk type effect fonts so you can choose what it looks like.
  • No need to call someone back in to re-paint over the area when you want your new sign updated! This is by far the most cost-effective solution of chalkboards signage within the Newcastle and North East areas.

Finally, if you have any questions please just drop us an email and ask one of our team to assist you. In addition, if required we can conduct a site survey to advise you on what the best solution for you and your business. You will find all our details on the Contact Page. 

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