Crazy for creative signage

Crazy for creative signage

Do you love signage which really stands out?

Love creative signage? If so you are looking at the right company. At WSG we believe your vehicle is your brand and is the forefront of your company. Standing out from the crowd is essential in gaining market share especially in competitive businesses. Ask yourself ” Why should people choose my company?”.

At WSG we specialise in creating signage which does just that. Signage which stands out from the competition combined with the right marketing messages to help get them noticed.

For example our vehicle signage

How often do you see a plain white van with a name and phone number on? Who are they really? What do they do? Why should you consider them? These are all key questions consumers want to know. Having a professional looking branded vehicle can make all the difference when buyers are looking for confidence within a business.

Vehicle signage can also be a low cost way to promote your business. Your message goes where-ever your fleet goes, attracting new customers along the way.

Promotional signage

We offer a fantastic range for promotional signage from simple A-Boards to large heavy-duty signs and floor graphics.

If you require promotional signage for your window displays. We offer both window manifestations, frosted vinyl matt laminates as well as our popular Contra Vision ® the one-way vision perforated films. If your business needs shielding from direct sun light these can be a great option for also attracting the passing trade. 

Find out more about our signage solutions. 

Do you have a signage project you need help with?

If you have a signage project you need help with please contact us. Our team will be happy to work with you to make your business get noticed

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