Illuminated Signs & Signage


Illuminated Signs & Signage

Illuminated Signs / illuminated Signage / LED Lighting in the North East

Get your business noticed with our illuminated signs and signage solutions. These are a fantastic way to increase awareness of your business and promotions day or night. When darkness starts to fall, you need to ensure your companies signage still works for you. Its no good investing in great signs if people cannot find you after dark.

Whether you are looking to direct existing customers with your illuminated signs or attract new ones. Having your business promoted both day and night can certainly help promote your brand and messages.

Illuminated signs are a great solution for areas with pedestrians or vehicles passing after dark. We offer a wide range of options when it comes to the different types of illuminated signage for your business, our ranges includes:

  • Lighting boxes
  • Illuminated lighting inside or out
  • LED Lighting
  • Back lit lighting solutions
  • Edge & Face Lit Lighting
  • Neon

Neon and fluorescent lighting have been around for many years. In more recent years however, LED signs have been the preferred choice for many businesses in and around the North East of England. LED lights are far more economical to run for a business, than the more traditional forms of lighting such as neon and fluorescent illuminated signage.

Take for example this recent project for MangoBean. We used an illuminated light-box for the project, we did an aperture cut, used a folded aluminium power coated box with opal acrylic face, for the illumination we used LED lighting. This was housed between the glazing and aluminium mullions specific to the building regulations, the business was not allowed any exterior signage so we produced the signs this way for them.

Stickers and labels were also all digitally printed with a matt and gloss UV stable laminate. This helps protect the colour against fading and weathering.

Our LED lighting for your businesses signage solutions

We have a range of LED lighting solutions which offer a highly sustainable method for illuminating letters, glass and other signage.  LED lighting is safe, low voltage and requires very little maintenance compared with traditional lighting methods.  In recent years it has become a more popular choice with signage designers due to its low power and lux levels. Stunning effects can be achieved with the new more modern lighting techniques. Whether you are looking for scrolling messages, a simple lighting source or special effect lighting, we can deliver a solution for your business requirements.

Illuminated LED signs can project advertisements to potential customers further away than traditionally lit ones. They are suited ideally to businesses which are open at night or that need to attract passes by to promote an event or promotion. Business which often use illuminated signs are: Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, takeaways, supermarkets, theatres etc.

Our LED signs now come with removable LED Lettering panels, making it easier for business to update their offers and promotions. Once your signage is complete with our removable lettering systems, we can simply replace the panel rather than the whole unit when it comes to updating your promotions or messages.

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