Stylish and Safe Cost-saving Solutions

WSG Print’s team of fully certified and accredited Window Film installers provide quick, clean, non-toxic, non-disruptive installations on all shapes and sizes of windows and glass surfaces. Beyond installation, we can also provide on-site consultations and bespoke design work for digitally printed graphics and promotions.


Window films are an excellent way to maximise your advertising real estate, define spaces and improve privacy in open-plan offices and shops, enhance your interior design, reduce energy costs or protect your staff, customers and business.


We use only the best manufacturers in the industry such as state-of-the-art films from 3M, to give you the best finish, results and return on investment.



We specialise in the following types of Window Films:



Window Graphics Maximise your advertising real estate by using one-way film to advertise your business or products through your windows and storefronts without inhibiting the view looking out of them. From standard lettering and numbering to complete digital prints, all of which will wow your customers.


Privacy Film from 3M™ Matte Translucent Film which gives perfect privacy but still lets in plenty of light, to complete blackout films great for storage areas and dark rooms.


Safety Film – in a range of thicknesses (in microns) and durability to protect your staff, customers and business from flying glass or glass debris from broken windows to reducing impacts from weather events (even bomb blasts).


Solar Film that can help insulate your buildings, even out temperatures, redirect light to bright larger rooms, protect from glare and UV damage, as well as helping to reduce your energy bills.


Designer Films – Window films work on both window panes and glass partitions, with the 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes you can update plain surfaces with contemporary design features or traditional style, making it look like cut, textured or etched glass for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.


Whether you have a specific product and result in mind or need some expert input to help your vision become reality, get your window and glass projects all wrapped up with WSG Print.

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Full Colour Design, Print and Installation

Full Colour Design, Print and Installation

Invisible Cost-Saving with Solar Reduction Film

Invisible Cost-Saving with Solar Reduction Film

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3m prestige-film