Privacy Films North East for Windows and Glass Partitions

Privacy Films the ideal solution. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, WSG has a huge range of privacy films that will transform your windows and glass partitions.

With such a wide range of uses from practical application to design elements.  It can be difficult to decide what style, opacity and translucency of film are needed to achieve your vision. Our team of experts are happy to talk through the options available, provide on-site consultations and samples to help you make the most informed decision.


Furthermore, once you have picked a film our team can then install it quickly, cleanly and with minimal disruption. We use 3M Films for all of our window film projects.  They offer the best technologies to achieve the most durable, effective and visually appealing films in the market. That combined with our polished and flawless application means your investment will last for as long as you need it to. Then if you are renting the space and move on or just fancy a refresh in a few years time. All the films are easily removable without causing damage to the existing glass.


The Many Different Applications of Privacy Films


Privacy films are so versatile and can be so transformative that we have compiled a list of the top applications and how it can enhance your property:


  • Revamp meeting rooms and offices with 3M™ White Matte Translucent Film to gain some much-needed privacy without sacrificing light. This film can also help define interior spaces whilst maintaining an open feel.


  • With the high-gloss 3M™ Mirror Film you can ensure privacy whilst providing a mirror-like finish, great for security booths or making smaller offices seem lighter and larger, by reflecting more light.


  • Incorporate privacy film into interior design – giving the impression of cut, textured or frosted glass at the fraction of the cost. Each style comes in a variety of designs for you to choose from and can elevate standard windows and glass partitions into exquisite design features, whilst still providing privacy.


  • Great for all sizes of surfaces and all levels of coverage, for complete coverage from floor to ceiling or smaller decorative embellishments that break up large plain spaces with stylish designs or branding. We can cut, design and tailor the film to any requirements.


  • Block out all light for store rooms, projector rooms or dark rooms with 3M™ Blackout Film.


  • Want your building or storefront to catch people’s attention? How about the gorgeous 3M™ DICHROIC Film that changes colour depending on the viewing angle, lighting and surface glass colouring to provide a range of beautiful colours, without affecting the view out of the window or the light coming in.


Finally, are you now ready to transform your space?

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Design and Function Combined with Frosted Glass Privacy Film

Design and Function Combined with Frosted Glass Privacy Film

One-Way Vision Window Films

One-Way Vision Window Films