Safety Window Film

Cost-Effective Safety Window Film

Protect your business with our cost-effective Safety Window Film. Let our qualified and accredited team of expert installers take care of your staff and your business. For your information all our installation teams all have CSCS, PASMA AND IPAF certificates and are 3M Authorised and trained.   In-turn ensuring you get the highest standards of quality, finish and protection in the industry.


Windows are the weakest point of your building’s security. If your business is subject to forced entry or acts of vandalism, the safety window film actually holds the glass together. It helps protect your staff and property from flying glass or broken glass debris. The multi-layered anti-tear technology also makes it difficult for anyone to make an entry after smashing the glass. They have to cut their way through the layers of safety film, significantly hampering their progress, which can deter them or give your other security provisions time to take effect.


Furthermore, this protection combined with the  3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems. Makes your windows stronger against the impact of natural disasters or bomb blasts. The film keeps the broken glass from flying or shattering dangerously, whilst the attachment system also keeps the glass in the window frame.  This maintains the security of your property until the affected panels can be professionally removed and replaced.


Investing in safety window film also prevents everyday wear and tear, such as scratches and abrasions, eliminates 99% of UV rays and reduces glare. With the safety window film as your first line of defence, you reduce the chances of the windows being directly damaged and any damaged sections of the film can be removed and replaced without having to get the more expensive glass panels completely replaced.


Due to certain health and safety requirements, it is important to ensure that any glazing that is near wet surfaces, doors, floors, ramps and stairs is up to the latest required health and safety standards. In addition, safety window film is a cost-effective solution to upgrade any at-risk glazing and keep your customers, workforce and workplace as safe as possible.

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