Reduce Energy Consumption with Solar Films

Solar film is the retro-fit of choice to reduce energy consumption and costly bills, whilst providing enhanced environments for your staff, tenants or products. These simple clear films are practically invisible but are packed with the latest technologies that can vastly improve commercial and residential properties.


For every installation, the WSG team decontaminate the surfaces, polish them till they shine and then with a precise application, install your film. Any installation is quick, clean and provides the minimum amount of disruption, whilst providing maximum results for years to come.  


Cooling in Summer and Insulating in Winter


One great method to reduce heating bills and the costs of air-conditioning in the warmer months is to install Solar film. In Summer the film rejects up to 79% of the heat from the sun, thus making windowed properties an evener temperature throughout and minimising the need for air-conditioning. Conversely, in Winter, the invisible insulation technologies help windows retain more heat for longer, effectively adding the same level of insulation as you would get from adding another pane of glass, therein reducing the cost of heating through the colder months.


Protect from Glare and UV Damage


Large windows and glass structures are synonymous with modern design sometimes, however, they are not as practical as you would like. Large windows can create glare on computer screens that make it difficult for staff to work in, without closing the blinds all together. If you have a store or gallery, UV rays from sunlight can damage priceless artworks and expensive products, affecting their appearance. Solar films diffuse the light, reducing glare and block up to 99% of UV rays, therein protecting your people and/or your products all day long.


Brighten Spaces with Daylight Redirection


Natural daylight is beneficial to your business’s staff and sales, whilst reducing the use of artificial lighting and significantly improving energy consumption. 3M™ Daylight Redirection Film can dramatically brighten darker offices and shops by redirecting daylight onto the ceiling, projecting light up to 40 ft into a room from just the window.


Whether you want more protection and insulation or to enhance natural daylight, solar films can transform a room or a whole building and cut energy consumption dramatically.

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Example Of Damage Caused By Windows That Have No UV Protection Applied

Example Of Damage Caused By Windows That Have No UV Protection Applied

Architectural Window Films

Architectural Window Films