Window Graphics For High Impact Advertising In The North East

Window graphics are a great way to promote your business’s products and services. Dress a window display, or block unsightly storage rooms or views from members of the public. Our team of expert designers and installers can provide a wide range of bespoke window graphics that will help you stand-out and draw in new customers without affecting the light and view from the windows.

As the specially designed graphics and films can fit all sizes and shapes of windows.  Designs can be as small or as large as you need, from a small promotional decal to full window coverage for larger than life advertisements. Whatever your vision or budget we can find the best window graphics solution for your business.


We utilise the latest technologies in one-way vision solutions to provide the most colourful and detailed advertisements. The perforated film used appears as a solid image to potential customers, but from inside still provides plenty of light and visibility through the windows.


Furthermore, window graphics are a great way to advertise your business, whilst also providing some privacy for your staff and customers. In addition, large or full coverage displays can block any view inside. They also provide 24-hour visibility (with the correct lighting). Therefore especially ideal for businesses that are open late, at night and in the darker, colder months to advertise even when you are closed.

Our expert team ensure installation is precise,  quick and non-toxic, causing minimal disruption for maximum high-impact results. Then, if it is a temporary promotion or rental property the graphics are easily removed without causing any damage or lasting residue to the glass. Perfect at the end of one promotion to peel off, get it cleaned/polished and then get your next promotion up right away.

Finally, if you would like a quotation for your business, you will find all our details on the contact us page. 

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Window & Glass Graphics

Window & Glass Graphics

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