Privacy Film North East


Privacy Film North East

Privacy Film Protecting Your Business in the North East

Our range of Privacy Film includes; Solar Glare, Frosted Window, One Way Mirror, UV Protection and Fade Reduction Films.

We also have solutions for extra Security and for and Bomb Blast Protection and much more.

Solar Window Films

Solar Glare Solutions 

During the summer months, especially solar glare can prove to be a big issue for a lot of businesses. Glare from the sun, especially in the workplace, can cause increased tiredness, which can have an impact on productivity.

We offer a range of solar control window films to help with glare reduction. These are available in a range of different shades and tints and can reduce the solar glare by up to 80%.

These can also reduce the heat gain and protect against UV light. Our range of solar window films also includes a security grade offering.

Solar heat

We offer a range of solar window films solutions which can help reduce solar heat gain with little loss of the natural light. These work all day and help maximise energy savings, helping reduce your companies C02 emissions.

Fade Reduction Window Films

These are designed to help reduce the damaging effects caused by ultra-violet light, which is a major cause of the fading of furnishings etc. Businesses can benefit from a reduction in UV transmissions helping protect their furnishings.

Frosted Privacy Film

When it comes to frosted privacy films there are lots of designs available to choose from. These are ideal for street-facing shops or rooms, especially ones which are overlooked and require a little privacy.

Does your business require more privacy and security, but does not want to loose the natural light?  Unlike curtains or blinds, our products can help make your room feel much brighter, allowing the natural light to flow through.

One-Way Mirror Window Films

One-way mirror window films are great for creating one-way privacy. They allow the natural light to flow through and can reduce solar glare and heat. In turn keeping your room cooler and protected from harmful UV rays.

Glass Manifestations

We offer a range of glass manifestation graphic films which are an alternative to the more traditional methods. Our vinyl come with etched effects, frosted, or in various colours. Whether you want a block colour or colours made up using different shades the choice is endless. Our creative team can come up with various solutions from a simple company logo to something more bespoke.

Security Privacy Film

In this modern world, we live in Security is of the utmost importance. Not just to your staff and visitors, but to people outside the building too. When glass gets shattered, shards of glass can fly and cause harm, not just to people but also property.  In addition, shattered glass can leave your building vulnerable and insecure, causing a security issue.

Our security window solutions are created to help enable the glass from causing injury.

Bomb Blast Privacy Film

Unfortunately, with terrorist attacks rising, bomb blasts are getting a little too often. Businesses need to protect their people within their business as well as outside it.

In situations, where a bomb blast occurs, flying shards can cause serious injuries. Our bomb blast systems are made to offer a more advanced solution. They are made up of a structural silicone adhesive, this bonds the glass to the film and the frame of the window. This helps keep the glass in place in the event of a bomb going off, helping protect people and property.

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